So I've decided to write myself up some guidelines so I cant stray!! These include my eating habits, fitness and activity and my overall wellbeing.

In regards to my nutrition, my main goal is keeping clear of all junk/fast food and also ruling out sugar in artifical forms as i know its hard to escape with even fruit containing sugar. My general rules are as follows -

  1. - No fast food/fried take away in any shape or form (only allowance is grilled chicken salads, healthy asian stir fry etc)
  2. - No milk chocolate, lollies, soft drink or deserts (allowances are small serve dark chocolate or skinny cow ice cream)
  3. - No ALCOHOL whatsoever!
  4. - Avoid all processed and packaged foods like biscuits, chips, snack bars, etc.)

My main focus with food will be to meal prep every sunday night and focus on oats for breakfast, salad or brown rice with protein for lunch and protein and vegetables for dinners. Snacks will consist of protein shakes/green juices, fruit,  boiled eggs, crackers with fresh salmon/avo etc, brown rice sushi, yoghurt etc. 

With my fitness I have been slack as I'm waiting for my new gym to open and started a new active job so I'm lucky that I can be active at work however I want to make a goal to walk every day, preferably in the mornings or after work if I missed the chance. I'd like to do a 30-40 minute power walk each day. 

Also, I will be making sure I am forming better sleeping habits like no tv/phone in bed and reading before bed, drinking lots and lots more water, and being generally more active in life.

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