One more motivation.

Today marks 5 months and 1 week since I last had an energy drink!

  I said goodbye to heart pulpitations, bad skin, headaches, waves of nausea, irritability, tooth aches, un reasoned panic attacks, and more.

My body was trying to tell me something everytime I had one of these drinks- and I ignored it until I couldn't function. So I stopped.

You can't imagine how much I wanted an energy drink!! It was all I could think of, and honestly I wanted to quit about a thousand times- in the 1st weeks. 

Eventually the need for that next hit was gone. My body thanked me for it in a big way- I lost 6 kilos!! Whoohoo!

Its now 5 months on and its time to get rid of yet another bad habit...JUNK FOOD.

That easy, simplier way of eating- Drive through. GOODBYE

Snacking should be my friend not what ever is cheapest and easily accessed. Chocolate bars. GOODBYE

Reaching for softdrink when there's a tap right in front of me. 

Those horrid cravings for Chips, crackers, salted nuts, shapes? That's right! GOODBYE.

It will not be a walk in the park, I won't wake up and not want junk, in fact I know that I may falter in my efforts- But now I know that if I do I'll be donating myself. Making myself fully accountable!

 Here's to carrot sticks, healthy cooking and better choices.

All for a cause so close to my heart.


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Rebecca Cunningham

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