I have recently been so off sugar. Many people have misconceptions about sugar, blaming weight gain, bad skin, tiredness on carbs and fat. A lot of study has now shown that sugar is the cause of all these things and it is in so many foods these days that claim to be 'healthy'. A few tips to stay off it...

  • Avoid any packaged snacks
  • Avoid store bought muesli
  • If you want yogurt get full fat greek
  • Avoid dry fruit
  • Avoid fruit juice and any soft drinks
  • Full fat milk is better for you!
  • Have fruits in their whole form, i.e. not dried or dehydrated (dates, prunes and sultanas are among the worst)
  • As a general rule try to keep to less then 5g per 100g in the sugar section on packaged foods

For more info Sarah Wilson's website is great and has heaps of recipes and tips i've been following over the past few months,


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