12 degrees in Manly NSW

12 degrees in Mmanly NSW. I pull the blanket over me and close my eyes again wanting to escape the cold but then I think... No.., stuff you winter and get up, put my warmest winter running gear on and leave the hotel. 

I I tell myself that it's ok to go for a walk instead of a run and that if I don't feel like runnkng, a walk is fine because I am still out getting my blood pumping and my lunge aching.

i leave the hotel, it's 6:54amand it surprises me how many people are out and about. I start running until I hit the beach and am stunned by how many surfers are out there in the waves. Here was I complaining about the cold. go you good things!!!

i haven't been for a run in nearly 3 weeks and had to stop a couple of times today nor did I run the distance I wanted to BUT every km I did run was further then I would have run if I stayed in bed. Let's make this a great day!!! KAPOW!!!!

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Kerstin Hartmann

Kerstin Hartmann

Let's exercise to beat this winter blues and look even hotter when summer comes :)