For me this means

 No sugar - note to self also means no sugar in my coffee!

No chocolate -a very hard one for me!

No alcohol 

Pick&cook more Gluten free options 

Extra vegetables in kids lunchboxes 

 Yoga everyday with the children in the morning

Gift any baked sweets to other families 

 No missing zumba classes this month

No excuses for not going to gym& try something new each week this month

 Experiment with vegetables i havent cooked with before eg beetroot&pumpkin chips 

Watch less tv during the day

Any slipups I will donate $1 towards this myself for failing 

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Ruby Mana 2

Rar isfundraising

Hi my name is Ruby, I feel this is a fantastic cause.
Everyone's junk is different - the goal is to make changes in your own diet & lifestyle to be a happier and healthier you
100% of all funds goes to the Cancer Council Queensland.