How cancer affected me

At 10 years old, my Dad passed away from cancer. He had pancreatic cancer, one of those that people tell you only the very lucky survive. I was pretty confused about it all and couldn't really comprehend my Dad not being in the rest of my life at that age. The process was quick, not one of those long drawn out cancers and for this I am grateful as nearly all my memories are of a happy healthy father, but this just isn't the case for most. While my Dad had a very healthy lifestyle, those who don't must make the change now!! Anything at all, to think it could save your life... This is for my Dad but its also for everyone I know living or who has lived with cancer. I think its about time i did something!!

About the author

Rachael Roberts

My name is Rachael, I'm 19 years old. This is a charity I feel pretty strongly about having lost one too many family members and friends to cancer so I thought it was about time to do something about it! Pretty much everyone I know is affected by cancer so find it within you to donate any amount!!