My Opa Adriaan Nicolaas Johan Van Rossem

The above photo is of my Opa, Oma, Mum and Uncle.

I'm not sure what to write here, other than the fact my Opa was my hero. His life was a crazy journey right from the beginning till the end. I want to try and raise some money for the cancer foundation, so others can have a chance at having their loved ones around for longer. Because no one deserves the heartbreak of being diagnosed with Caner or having someone taken from their life far too soon. 

I love you, Opa. 

Miss you always. 

Laura x

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Laura Dixon 5

Laura Dixon

I am participating in Junk Free June because every little bit helps no matter how small.

I lost one of my favourite people in the world to Cancer, my Opa. He led the craziest life and was taken in such an unfair way. Now let's stay away from that chocolate! I hope I can do my Opa proud xx