Preparation for ditching the junk food

So it's two more sleeps until June....

Today I have been studying for my exam tomorrow, so even though I ate (almost singlehandedly) a packet of double coat tim tams while studying yesterday, today I thought I better fuel my brain! 

Today the naughtiest thing I had was an organic raspberry White choc brownie with my morning coffee. Brunch was a watermelon, strawberry and mint crush, dinner was zoodles with bolognese and now I'm sipping a hot Matcha Cinnamon tea. Not too bad!

Tomorrow I plan to have a sushi roll from Sushi on Stanley (my old lunchtime haunt) as a treat for lunch (after I *hopefully* pass my exam).

Thanks to my amazing family for the donations so far. This is for all the little Grammies fighting cancer!

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Sarah Raffaelli

Sarah Raffaelli

I love Junk food but I hate Cancer more