Reignite my imaginative side

I absolutely love cooking! And I love creating healthy versions of not so nutritious foods. In the past month I have been so busy with a new job, heavy training schedule and trying to find some time to see family and friends that creative cooking has taken a back seat. I want to use this challenge to help reignite my creative cooking passion. 

As as we head into the cooler months we begin craving warm, comfort style foods. What better time to challenge ourselves to eat well and look after ourselves? I am lucky enough to have a full bill of health and my body does some incredible things. I want to look after it by fuelling it as well as I can, particularly as life starts to get more busy. Follow my journey through Junk Free June on my Instagram @eclipsefuel and on my website

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Georgia Bevan 2

Georgia Bevan

I love living a healthy active lifestyle. I am an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and am hoping to be drafted in next years Women's AFL. I want to challenge myself to be the healthiest version of me so I don't take my ability to be active and life a healthy balanced lifestyle for granted.