What I am going to do to help inspire you

Hey lovers!

So I thought I would do an online blog while helping to raise money for cancer! I am going to be completely honest with you all about my current weight and size and will share with you my journey! If this inspires one person to be a healthier version of themselves I will be stoked!

Current weight: 76.3kgs

Goal: 70kgs.


CHEST: 98cm

WAIST: 85cm

HIPS: 98cm

BUTT: 102cm

ARMS: 30.5cm

LEGS: 58cm

I am also doing a bioscan next week (see my body fat%) that I will share! :) I already eat quick well but I am going to limit my weakness's (chocolate coated bananas and chai lattes) and rev up my excersise! So I will keep you all updated! ?

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Rhi Thistlethwaite

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