Day 2 So Far So Good2

First day complete..... 29 more to go.

I have to say the first day wasn't as hard as I'd expect. 

As soon as I woke up I had texts asking what I was eating for breakfast and once I was in the office, my work colleagues drilled me on what was in my mouth at the time of chewing. 

Sure I had a few cravings, especially when my friend bought chocolate and shared it with everyone in the office. I had atleast 3 people shove it under my nose moaning like they were having sex. At this point all I wanted to do was snort a line of sugar right there on the desk.

While their futile attempts to make me breakdown continues, they fail l to see how everytime they check on me actually pushes me to prove them wrong.

Healthy eating is hard and especially when fresh produce and lean meat is expensive but you just have to look at it in the long run. 

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Candy Nelson

Candy Nelson

Friends, Family & Strangers,
My current diet consists of how many pieces of pizza and chocolate I can fit into my stomach before I go into a food coma - 1 June at 12:00am I'm going cold turkey on Junk food and sugar. The only person who has faith in me is me & I'm out to prove all of you wrong!